Cal Grant Renewed, but college didn't award it?

I got an email stating that my Cal Grant was renewed a few months ago. I checked on the Cal Grant website and it says it’s renewed as well. My school just updated my financial aid award and it says I only got a Pell Grant awarded. Will the Cal Grant be updated later or should I contact the financial aid office to see what’s up? Last year was my first year at community college and if I remember correctly, I was given both the Pell and Cal Grants at the same time. I just think it’s weird that the Cal Grant was awarded/renewed months earlier but the school didn’t award it. I’d understand if it still needed to be updated on Cal Grant’s end but they’ve already done their part months ago. Is this normal? I still plan on seeing the financial aid office but I just want to know if it’s normal for this to happen. I haven’t changed schools or anything. Before the Cal Grant deadline I even asked the financial aid people if I needed to do anything to renew it and they said that I didn’t.

Contact your school’s financial aid office. There are so many details that go in to managing a Cal-Grant roster at a school that there could be any number of reasons why it hasn’t been added to your award. Your school will be able to access the webgrants database on their end to determine your eligibility and then move forward to adding the award to your account.