Cal Grant Schedule Maintenance

<p>I'm sorry for asking such a dumb questions, especially if it's been answered before, but when is the schedule maintenance going to be removed from the Cal Grant website so I can manage my information? Didn't someone say it was going to up this Monday?</p>

<p>i'm on the site right now...and it works..but to make some changes it doesn't work..or the page takes forever to load.</p>

<p>I just checked it and it works. It shows my Application has been processed, but I can't see my award details o_O</p>

<p>Why can't I still check it?</p>

<p>I just tried logging on, and in red above the place to login it keeps reading: "Due to scheduled maintenance, you will be able to view your information but no changes will be accepted at this time. "</p>

<p>it doesn't let me log in, when i try having them send me my lost password/username, the buttons to click submit are locked....</p>

<p>That is strange. I can log in however I can't see my award even though my application has been processed. The log in is case sensitive btw. Maybe that is why you can't get in?</p>

<p>Did you guys all finish registering an account before the maintenance?
I can't even create an account. :(</p>

<p>I believed I had one, i guess i'll check tomorrow and call instead.</p>

<p>Nevermind, I was able to log on...USC was listed as school of attendance, I guess that's the reason why neither of the uc's got the informationl.</p>

<p>does anybody else have a problem of not being able to register?</p>

<p>liek, were you able to change your school of attendance online? or did you call?</p>

<p>cuz I keep trying, and it says school changes cannot be made at this time...</p>

<p>you know whats funny?usc is listed as my school of attendance as well. why is that?</p>