CAL Grant-Who do i send it to?

<p>Hi, i am currently a freshman at UC Berkeley. (This is my spring semester). The Cal Grant requires a GPA verification form. Is that the GPA from high school or college (i've read its from high school but that doesnt make sense). Please help...Thanks!</p>



<p>Your school completes the GPA information. Not you. That's why it says "School Use Only." But it likely is your high school GPA simply because the college GPA is for units from a community college that qualify for replacing a high school GPA. There is no place to put a UC GPA.</p>

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<p>You should speak with Berkeley's financial aid office. I'm not familiar with applying when one is already at a UC.</p>

<p>If you already have a Cal Grant for your freshmen year, you do not need to submit another GPA verification each year. If you did not receive a Cal Grant your freshman year,
and you are submitting for your sophomore year (which is the situation I was in),
you need to request your high school to send in the GPA verification form. I filled out the form in the above link and personally took it to the school office to request they send it in. You should do it right away because it will take a couple weeks to post.
Also... if you are in the same situation as me, even though the Web Grants website
showed I was eligible for cal grant, I think I fell through the cracks at the school (because I did not have one as a freshman). I had to call about 8 times over 5 months - they kept saying 'don't worry', it will show up. Well, the final posting for FA came and it still didn't post. At that point, they finally would listen to me and did clear it up pretty quickly.</p>