Cal Grant

<p>I recently applied for Cal Grant, and the college I have on now says that I will attend UC San Diego. However, if I were to change that to a private school, would I receive more aid?</p>

<p>If I receive the Cal Grant and I do decide to attend a private school, will they relook over my financial aid package and give me more money?</p>

<p>Cal Grant only covers a set amount for private universities. I have not seen the amount determined for this coming year, but it has become less than is covered at UCs the past couple years. Last I saw, it was around $9k for private, but this could have changed. I don't pay attention to the amount for private institutions. You will not receive additional Cal Grant just for attending a private university beyond this predetermined amount that is set in the budget.</p>

<p>Cal Grant does cover all systemwide fees (fees that are charged universally by all colleges within both state systems; each campus often has its own individual campus fees on top of these system wide fees) for CSUs and UCs. It would be silly for it to fund more than a fraction of what the tuition is at a private college.</p>

<p>However, do make sure that whatever university you do end up choosing that you remember to update your CSAC to reflect this. And do make sure that if you choose a private university that it is qualified to accept Cal Grant. Not all are.</p>