Cal ( Haas) VS NYU (Stern)

<p>Guys, Having a tough time deciding between NYU Stern and UCBerkeley. Help me out by listing the pros and cons of both. Really appreciate any help
So I want to go into Investment Banking but at the same time I want to double major in comp sci(atleast a minor in engineering cuz I feel that it'll be a good combo to have)
Now, here's how I see things:
Berkeley: biz school(Haas) starts 3rd year + you arent guaranteed admission
Location: NYU wins.
Tuition: Berkeley wins, 26K vs 38K
Student Body: Berkeley wins, NYU has lower admission standards in general and Berk. is known for being nerdy.
Stability: NYU, Still have to apply to Haas junior year
Consulting;Haas Finance;Stern
Campus: Berkeley wins(DUH)
Engineering; Berkeley wins hands down</p>

<p>Now it may seem like Berks is tthe obvious choice. But the thing is that Stern is #1 ranked for finance and particularly renowned for IB</p>