Cal Housing

<p>TO-xxxx-x for me.</p>

<p>mine says FH8-********

<p>What could TO mean?</p>

<p>take off? >_> jk
iono tho... hmm... i dun even know if FH means foot hill...
just trying to make myself happy tho LOL</p>

<p>Took this from the freshmen thread:</p>


Building Codes:
Unit 1
Cheney: CH
Deutsch: DE
Freeborn: FB
Putnam: PU
Christian: CN

<p>Unit 2
Cunningham: CU
Davidson: DA
Ehrman: EH
Griffith: GR
Towle: TO</p>

<p>Unit 3
Ida Sproul: IS
Norton: NO
Priestley: PR
Spens-Black: SB
Beverly Cleary: BC</p>

<p>Foothill: FH
-The number after FH is the building number</p>



<p>Clark Kerr: CK
-The number after CK is the building number


<p>TO is for Towle, which is Unit 2.</p>

<p>Living</a> at Cal - Unit 2 - Towle Hall</p>

<p>dang good info u got there...
omg i got foothill !
gonna be broke =.=</p>

<p>temporary offer? terrell owens? i got a TO which coming from socal only means thousand oaks to me ;)</p>

<p>Towle is freshmen housing?</p>

<p>dude *** does this mean i could be living with some 18 year old? im twenty freaking five...</p>

<p>Oh wow, that freshman is going to be surprised.</p>

<p>^^especially when hes doing my homework</p>

<p>PU 5**-2</p>

<p>Does the 2 mean DOUBLE ?</p>

<p>my application is back up, but i don't see any room assignment?</p>

<p>where do i check??</p>

<p>no i don't think the 2 means double
i think its ur bed number
basically i know someone whos same room as me...
i m 1 hes 2 there might be a 3 if its a triple room.</p>

<p>"for my friend...</p>

<p>what about DE-6XX-2?</p>

<h2>is "2"double? or triple?"</h2>

<h2>Well..the rumor is that.. 1,2 are doubles.. 5,6,7 are triples... Whether you want to believe that.. it's up to you haha.. Well all these are "unofficial" still.. according to's a who knows.</h2>

<p>From the freshman thread.</p>

<p>or that might be a room number... like hotel rooms u know?
if its 1 then i got a single >_>
hey but i didn't apply for single lol</p>

<p>the first 3 numbers should be the room number, but we're talking about the last number</p>

<p>I wanted Channing or Wada, but Towle will be ok I guess, as long as it isn't a triple.</p>

<p>Did anyone get this email earlier today sent to your berkeley email address :</p>

<p>Dear *******</p>

<p>You have successfully completed phase 1 of the housing application. We will notify
you when it is time to begin the second phase.</p>