CAL June 7th Orientation

<p>I am flying from LA to San Fran the night before in order to attend the Cal orientation. But afterward I will need to leave about 5:45pm in order to catch the last flight back to LA. Since the dinner is at 6:00pm, and the dismiss time on the sample agenda is 7:00pm, is it fine if I am leaving around 5:45. </p>

<p>Any ideas?</p>

<p>do you mean July 7th? You should be fine if you need to leave by 5:45pm to get to the airport. The Telebears portion of CalSo is around 5 so as long as you know what you’re doing, you could probably leave even earlier. Although, I heard some groups got into the computer labs later around 5:30 so you’ll just have to hope your group is timely.</p>

<p>Sorry but I just had to ask. What orientation is going on July 7th? I didn’t think there were any orientations for that month and I’m going to be on vacation…</p>