Cal Lutheran Class of 2020 Admitted Students

Just got my acceptance letter! Anyone else receive one yet, if so, do you think you’ll be attending?
My one question is if information on full rides and the honors college comes later, as I did not see any information about this is my letter, despite a healthy amount of merit aid.
Congrats to those admitted!

Congrats on your acceptance and scholarship! My daughter received her acceptance letter and scholarship about one week ago via US Mail.

My daughter’s invitation to Honor’s Day / full tuition scholarship came by email today. Her original acceptance and scholarship offer came by mail about a week ago.

congratulations to all accepted students! My daughter will be graduating this may with her degree in Liberal Studies. We are so proud of her and all her hard work. Cal Lutheran has been wonderful for her.

Does anyone know when we will hear if we received a scholarship from Honor’s Day?

outwhere, people heard last year around mid-March, like the 16th!

Thank you. I recall something about early March so that is close. I think they said there were more allowed to attend Honor’s Day this year so it should be very competitive.