Cal Lutheran University Biochemistry

I was given a full ride to CLU as a Biochem major. Is it worth it? Or better to go to Chapman or DePaul? At Chapman, I have $13,000 to pay as well as about $10,000 in loans. At DePaul, I am in the Pathways Honors Program as well as the Honors Program. There I have $6,000 out of pocket as well as $9,000 in loans. Is CLU worth it for the full ride? If I do well at CLU, will med school care where I go for undergraduate school?

Cal Lutheran is fine for a premed. If you’re serious about med school, then you don’t want debt for undergrad anyway.

Med schools will view al of your choices LMU, Chapman, DePaul and Cal Lutheran as EQUALS.

Ask about research opportunities - specific examples in the past five years.
Meet with a premed adviser, current premed students.
Visit the career center, ask about internship opportunities for biochemistry majors and types of summer internships available to freshmen/sophomores in general.
You should have till may 1 to decide so don’t rush into any decision.
What are your stats?
What’s your parents’ budget - what can they pay out of pocket?
Are you sure you got a free ride (I thought Cal Lutheran top award was full tuition)?
Also, how come you have three acceptances NOW, in August, when most decisions and scholarships arent’announced till December at the earliest?