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I’m worried my GPA isn’t good enough alone. My current weighted GPA as a junior is a 3.1 and UW isa 3.0, I have taken a total of 2 honors classes(received Bs)(soph year) and 2 AP classes(received B’s)(junior year). My average grades are usually 2 A’s and 4 B’s, but last semester I underwent extensive surgery to get cochlear implants for my hearing loss, which caused my grades to drop for that semester. I ended up with 3 Cs and 3 B’s and i took 2 aps. This semester I have 5 Bs and 1 C, but the AP classes are a B. I am asian American,and have severe hearing loss. I am co-presidnet of a club that is unique in the trivia-state, participate in 3 other clubs, started a chapter of a national organization in my school district and current co president of it, and was part of track for two years, but ill be joining next year. As for volunteering/extra curricular stuff, I’ve been part of a crisis call center for COVID-19, was about to volunteer at a hospital before the pandemic, but will do so when everything reopens, had my art published in a book, have a job, and accepted into the academy of arts pre college. For SATs, because of the virus, I havent taken it, but if I get the chance to, I will. My average SAT score is a 1400. I am planning to write about the struggles and challenges of my hearing loss that I overcame. Specifically, about my surgery, when I realized that although I struggled significantly(which made my grades drop), other people have it so mucgh worse and made me realize I’m privileged with the support I have, and because of this, I participated in specific EC activities that would help disabled/struggling kids. But overall, these are some of the specifics I plan to include on my application and I just wanted to see if with these stats and accomplishments and Extracurriculars, I would have a good chance of getting accepted? Im also thinking of going in undecided. Another question about that: if I were to go in undecided, does that mean I don’t have to pick a specific school? And am I allowed to transfer between specific schools(not just for cal states, but in general) ? If so, are there any limitations or specifications. Also, I know that there aren’t essays for cal states, but I heard that there were supplemental questions, which I could write about my disability and surgery, is that true?

From my understanding, the California schools are very stats driven. Cal Poly uses a formula for determine admission. I think your GPA is going to be too low. I’m tagging @Gumbymom to help.

If you are targeting Cal Poly SLO or Cal Poly Pomona, they are very stats driven but for this admission cycle, they are not using test scores in the admission decision so GPA will be a major factor.

Only Cal Poly SLO considers EC’s and they only ask about hours/week, if you had a leadership position and if you held a job and is it major related. They calculate an MCA score which will rank you against all applicants by major.

MCA Score calculator below however, since they are not using test scores, I do not know if they will modify the formula.

There is no where on the application (unless they change it) to elaborate on your EC’s or post essays or explanations regarding your surgery or health related issues.

Cal Poly SLO does not allow you to apply Undeclared/Undecided but Cal Poly Pomona does allow Undeclared as an Intended major.

Switching between majors will be based on the several factors but several majors at CPP are impacted and all majors at SLO are impacted. Below is the impacted major matrix for all the Cal states:

My advice is always apply to your major of interest. Cal Poly Pomona will also consider an alternate major so you could put Undeclared as an option.

Changing majors can be difficult and each campus will list the criteria to change majors.

You also need to calculate your CSU GPA. For Cal Poly Pomona, they use 10-11th grades for the a-g courses only and give extra honors points for up to 8 semesters of UC approved Honors, AP/IB or DE courses taken during this time.

For Cal Poly SLO, they use 9-11th grades for the a-g courses only with extra honors points up to 8 semesters for UC approved Honors, AP/IB or DE classes taken.

I like to use the UC GPA calculator listed below. The UC capped weighted GPA = Cal Poly Pomona GPA

For the SLO GPA, just recalculate using 9-11th grades.

Average stats for admitted students at each school:
Cal Poly Pomona:
Average CSU GPA: 3.83

Cal Poly SLO:
Average SLO GPA: 4.11

SLO will also break out the GPA ranges by College here:

Since you have a reason for your lower grades, you would be better off applying to schools where your essays, EC’s and LOR’s can be submitted to explain your situation.

Best of luck.

As others capture above, both CPs use a formula to ranks applicants. For both GPA is the biggest factor. With a GPA in the low 3s, I both CPs are going to be a stretch.

With a 3.1/1400, you’d probably be competitive at most of the CSUs, Chico, Sonoma, and Humboldt are the most residential. Sac. SJSU, Northridge and Fullerton are probably also solid options but more of a commuter vibe.

Privates like LMU. Chapman, St Mary’s, and USD will read your essay - so you’ve got a shot there too. Not sure about your budget though.

And yes, people do sometimes transfer from one CSU to another and from CSUs to UCs but, CC students are generally given priority.

Are you a resident of California?
The CSUs are not cheap for nonresidents and funding is almost non existent if you don’t reside in the state.

Quick question: Has Cal Poly SLO changed the upper limit GPA from 4.2 to 4.25?

The College of Engineering upper GPA on

says the top GPA was a 4.25. That surprised me.

Based on the Freshman profile GPA’s posted for the last few years, it looks like they do not cap at 4.2 anymore. The CSU Capped weighted GPA is 4.4 so they may be using this cap instead. They still mention the MCA in their application review but no longer spell out all the factors/points involved.

Since this is an old discussion from last year, if you have any additional questions, I would start a new discussion.

Since OP has not come back since 2020, they have already committed to a school for Fall 2021. Closing Discussion.