Cal Poly GPA Decreases as # Classes Increases

<p>Using Cal Poly’s CSUMentor online application, I am to the point where it wants me to enter my GPA. Included in the instructions is a GPA calculator.</p>

<p>GPAs are calculated on the typical 4.0 system (A=4, B=3…). Up to 8 Honors points (8 AP/IB/college honors classes) are added if applicable. Freshman grades are not included.</p>

<p>Assume one has all A grades. Assume one receives all 8 Honors points. Mathematically, the more classes on your transcript, the lower the GPA:</p>

<p>20 A grades = 80 + 8 = 88; Divided by 20 = 4.40 GPA
40 A grades = 160 + 8 = 168; Divided by 40 = 4.20 GPA
60 A grades = 240 + 8 = 248; Divided by 60 = 4.13 GPA
90 A grades = 360 + 8 + 368; Divided by 90 = 4.09 GPA</p>

<p>I have attended college during my high school years and must include 20 college classes that meet the “a-g” requirements in the GPA calculation. The more classes, the lower my GPA goes…even though I have all A grades. Using their formula, of course this makes sense. But it doesn’t seem right. I want to be considered for merit scholarships, but my GPA will be lower than someone with similar statistics (all A grades) who has taken fewer classes.</p>

<p>What am I missing??</p>

<p>You only get 8 bonus points total over the two years. But yes, mathematically it makes senses, the more classes you take – even with A’s – will reduce your weighted gpa since the bonus points are capped at 8.</p>

<p>But note, that gpa calc is for admisssions eligibility only. The uncapped gpa will be shown as well.</p>

<p>Cal Poly SLO will include your freshman grades in your GPA calculation, and will also include your 8th grade math grade (self-reported) if you started with Geometry as a freshman. Don’t worry too much about your self-reported GPA because they’ll recalculate it according to their formula.</p>