Cal Poly Pomona vs SJSU

Hello, I got accepted to both schools in their Mechanical Engineering department. I want to go away for college but also want to go to the school that gives me the best chance to get a job. Cal Poly Pomona is less than 15 miles while SJSU I would have to fly. Insights?

Are costs an issue?

Will your parents let you live on CPP’s campus first year?

Which campus do you prefer in regards to academics and social scene?

Have you compared to curriculum for your major between the 2 schools and are there any major differences?

they are both really good so, a coin toss will give you the right answer. If you want the ‘Away’ experience, and can afford the room and board bill, SJSU is probably where you should go.

How much of an advantage is going to SJSU and getting recruited by Apple, Google, etc… for internships versus Cal Poly Pomona? I know i would be competing against other schools for these internships.

Because SJSU is at the center of Silicon Valley, there are significantly more SJSU (#8) alums working at Silicon Valley than CPP alums. The other Cal Poly (CPSLO) is #14.

I just went to CPP Engineering Day Preview. One thing I liked was the Learn by Doing approach, meaning what you learn in class, you immediately apply in the lab. Also the smaller class size (28-35 max). What is the general class size at SJSU (100??) and do they have a lot of labs when taking your Core Engineering classes?

A student spoke and in her freshman year, she had to create a robot in her first semester class of Mechanical Design and enjoyed the focus on projects and group lab collaboration

With the COVID-19 issue and schools closing, I probably won’t be able to visit the campus in April. can anyone please respond to my last question on 3/1/20 regarding class size and labs?

I’m waiting to hear back from CalPoly, but assuming I get rejected, I’ll have to choose between CPP and SJSU. Any recommendations?

I’m not worried about cost/housing/diversity/etc. I am concerned about getting the best education and making the best connections to help slingshot my career.

You should start your own discussion about what you are looking for specifically in campus life, career objectives etc …, since this discussion is almost a year old.

I wish I could but I do not have that ability.