Cal Poly Pomona vs UC Riverside vs San Jose State for Mechanical Engineering

Son got into all three, trying to figure out which one is best for mechanical engineering?

Which campus does he prefer to spend the next 4 years?

All are ABET accredited so they will all meet a similar curriculum standard.

Another poster stated this which I think is very important:

To me fit/happiness/human perspective should be an indisputable priority.

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If they are ABET and all three are, then all are good.

You might have a specific industry interest though - and perhaps one has a connection.

For example, SJSU and UCR have Formula SAE teams - if that’s an interest. I can’t tell if Merced does…

You may also look at career outcomes of each - do any attract a certain type of organization that fits your kid best - although you can probably work anywhere from any of the schools.

Otherwise, which do you feel most comfortable? People on here have noted that Merced is isolated - is that a concern? Riverside will be “hot” - and some say the surrounds aren’t great, etc.

Have you been to all three? Which feels best to the student.

That will probably be the best place for them to attend school - a happier environment = a better experience.


Check if in-major elective offerings differ, indicating particular subareas strengths or weaknesses in each school’s department, if the student has any strong subarea interests (e.g. vehicles, aerospace, control systems, …).

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