Cal Poly Pomona

Wow, they are so unorganized. It makes me concerned for my education. They sent out acceptances late. I was accepted in late May. Then they had me send in financial aid papers and because I sent half on one day and half on another day they wouldnt accept them. They said I had to send them the same day. So I sent them again.

Next, their website wouldnt allow me to register for orientation, so I called to try to figure out a solution. They told me dont worry it would be fixed in a couple days. It was not fixed, so I called again. They told me I would not be able to register. Then a few days later they sent me a late registration time that did not include orientation. They said they overbooked orientations, so I would not be able to participate in orientation and would have to register late. Wow, talk about a negative first time college experience. I have older siblings that did not have this kind of trouble with their schools.

I am thinking I chose the wrong school. They are not competent. Shoot, I still have a chance to go to Chico if I can get dorm space. What should I do? Is Cal Poly Pomona always this bad or is this an isolated situation? They havnet tried to be helpful in anyway. I wanted to go there, but now…

If you want to go to Chico, go to Chico. It sounds like most of the issues you encountered were unfortunate institutional mistakes. However, I do wonder if your mistake with the financial aid papers sent you over a deadline. If so, that would explain the orientation registration problems. I may be dead wrong on that, though.

This is your college experience and you’ve got to make your school choice yourself. I hope it works out and I’m sorry that you started out your journey with a poor experience!

Thank you. I was just hoping this is just a fluke and CPP isnt usually this unorganized and unhelpful. I did not miss any deadlines. I was accepted late and had to move fast to make deadlines, but I did make all of them. I, also call regularly to clarify. The orientation registration problem they are saying was due to my acceptance forms needing 24 hours to be processed and an overbooked system. They did not have enough spots for registration due to not planning for so many freshman. This is what concerns me that they will not be able to handle the amount of students they have taken in. UGH! I had my heart set on going there, but my head says they arent together enough.

There hands on Biology program sounded good to me.

Chico may have the same problem and you just don’t know about it.

Chico has all departments all set for me already. I didnt have to do much, but send the paperwork they asked for. My financial aid award has been there since April, housing confirmed since mid-May and orientation confirmed since May. So Chico is on it. Chico was my back up plan if Pomona fell through. Pomona has actually cost me money because they are taking so long I had to pay Chico to keep it my backup in case Pomona didnt come through.

I dont know what’s wrong with me, Pomona is not acting competent and I still want to wait to see if they will follow through on time and fix the orientation/registration and if the financial aid package will come in on time. Ugh, my parents want me to go to Chico.