Cal Poly SLO Atmosphere

<p>Is there anyone that has recently graduated or is currently going to cal poly that can tell what the atmosphere of the college is like? I visited the college over the summer and really didnt get a feel for it, so i wanted to know what the people were like....what students do socially....if the classes are very challenging...and what were your largest/smallest class sizes. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'm currently a student, and I agree, you should visit during the school year. The campus is pretty laid back. It's gotten pretty political lately, but I think every campus has. For fun, students usually go to the beach, go downtown for Farmers' market, or go to off-campus parties for fun. There are bands, sporting events(Football ranked #4!), and intramurals for on-campus fun. </p>

<p>The classes are very challenging. There is more grade deflation here than inflation. For example, I once got a 90% on a physics test that was curved to a C+. I believe the average gpa here is about 2.8. You will always find students in the library studying, no matter what the hour. My largest class size was about 300, but that was an anomally. Usually my GE classes are 30-40 students, and my science classes are 60-120 students. That has changed as I've become an upper-classman, and now my science classes are about 30.</p>

<p>My sister just graduated from Cal Poly this past year. Those were probably the best four years of her life. She LOVED it there. I visited her a lot- and I was planning on going there for years, before I chose somewhere else- so I got to see a lot of Cal Poly. The atmosphere is very laid back, and from what I got, pretty friendly. My sister didn't party (she never went to a frat party), but she was never bored. Besides downtown and Farmer's Market, SLO is also close to Santa Barbara. She was a biology major, so her classes were pretty tough, or maybe that's just me the English major speaking :) Sportswise, it doesn't seem very big on campus, which was sad for me, and now I'm at USC, so BIG difference :) In the course of her four years I think my sister went to one basketball game, and two football games (one of which was a homecoming and she still left early, and the other one she went because I wanted to go).</p>

<p>thanks giants8307 and uschicka....yeah it seems like a great place to go to college...but also i was wondering if its true that there's alot of segregation between the different races on campus?</p>

<p>That's probably true. I'm assuming it results from CP being about 75% white. It is NOT a diverse campus, racially. I'm white, and I'd say I know a bunch of minorities, but it seems like people seem to "clump" together" with regard to race. This can certainly be seen at UU hour, the main social gathering of the week.</p>