Cal Poly SLO Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Congratulations…good to see someone getting in off an appeal


Congratulations. Are you willing to elaborate on the basis for your appeal for future students?

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I had quite a bit of health issues during my first semester of junior year which caused a dip in my grades for that semester. In my appeal I explained that and how my health issues have been something I have been working on and will not pose an issue if I were to attend Cal Poly. I also talked about how I used that grade dip as a motivation to push myself for the rest of that year to fulfill a leadership role in an extracurricular and to get all 5’s and 4’s on my AP tests. The last thing I talked about is how Cal Poly has been my top school for 4 years and I would very likely attend if i were admitted.
I was not expecting to hear back from them by today… on the website I believe it said appeals took around 3 weeks. No email or anything yet, I just happened to check my portal.


Congrats. Were you rejected or waitlisted before?

I was rejected

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Pleasant surprise, son admitted off the waitlist today for Kinesiology!


I believe that’s the first Cal Poly admission off the waitlist I’ve heard of. Congratulations!


Thank you- we were definitely surprised, not expecting it at all! We are in-state, but not local


Yep. Several people on Reddit got off the waitlist as well. Hopefully more come soon!

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I wonder if those who received waitlist decisions today from SLO were majority OOS or in state?

For those who signed up for housing and orientation today, did you guys receive a confirmation email from orientation because I received one from housing but not orientation. But my status said complete after I paid.

From memory, your orientation selection is not finalized until like 6/21 ish. So that may be why you didn’t get confirmation, since confirmation will come later.

Did you get an email, or see the change in your portal? Congratulations!

Thank you! He received a nice email welcoming him to the Mustang family with ‘Congratulations!’ in the subject line.

Are they giving you until May 1 to decide? Only asking because my D21 is on the waitlist and visited campus yesterday and now knows she would commit if offered a spot. We did the visit in case they didn’t allow much time to mull it over.

D accepted off waitlist for Food Science in state not local. There was a portal update followed by email a few hours later.

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Yes, he has until May 1st to decide, best wishes to your daughter!


Congratulations to all who have been accepted off the waitlist! Has anyone gotten off WL for Business?

I believe I saw one waitlist acceptance to business on the Reddit page