Cal Poly SLO Class of 2025 Regular Decision

When calculating the acceptance rate based on the target projections, I just used a 33% yield. I never said the yield was 33% and it will vary by major.

Your post was in the stats only discussion so I had to move it but here is the reason for the appeal which I also moved to the discussion thread.

I had quite a bit of health issues during my first semester of junior year which caused a dip in my grades for that semester. In my appeal I explained that and how my health issues have been something I have been working on and will not pose an issue if I were to attend Cal Poly. I also talked about how I used that grade dip as a motivation to push myself for the rest of that year to fulfill a leadership role in an extracurricular and to get all 5’s and 4’s on my AP tests. The last thing I talked about is how Cal Poly has been my top school for 4 years and I would very likely attend if i were admitted.
I was not expecting to hear back from them by today… on the website I believe it said appeals took around 3 weeks. No email or anything yet, I just happened to check my portal.

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I’m not but this is what it says in CC FAQs

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I was accepted off the waitlist last night around 6 pm for Anthropology


I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on Cal Poly vs UC Davis (sorry if this is the wrong place to ask). Would be majoring in Anthropology but probably want to change my major.

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If you want lots of eyeballs, then I’d start a separate thread like specified here:

Both great schools, UC Davis a national university with research opportunities versus SLO, a regional university, not as well-known in other parts of the US. SLO is undergraduate focused with 21,000 undergraduates. Davis has about 30,000-31,000 undergrads plus around 9,000 graduate students or 40,000 total students. SLO is a bit cheaper cost-wise ($6,000/year ish) too. One is inland, one is on the coast.



My boys considered Davis but picked SLO. They like the coastal location, “Learn by Doing”, smaller classes taught by professors, and one of them wants the graphic communications major which is not offered at Davis. I like the price. My husband liked Davis because he is UC partial as an alum and the fact that it is only an hour from the Bay Area.

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Did you get an email or did you check your Cal Poly portal?

Thank you for all the info. My daughter just got accepted to CalPoly SLO for Psych off the Waitlist! Cannot believe it!


Was she notified last Thursday? Congratulations

Thank you so much for this info! My daughter just got in off the waitlist for Psych- I could not believe it! We are so happy and she is committing to the school today. Thanks for the facebook group info!


Congratulations! Was she offered a spot on Thursday or this morning?

My D21 got an email yesterday telling her she is in off the WL yesterday for Environmental Management & Protection (in-state, not local). She is absolutely delighted! Good luck everyone!


Did you just happen to check your portal at 6pm… or is that the actual time it updated? Congrats!!

Thank you so much! I’ll make one of those posts.

I got an email!

I got an email at 6 pm. Didn’t check the portal. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi. She received the email on Thursday- so… two days ago. Thank you for the kind comment! :raised_hands:

My son decided on Davis over Cal Poly. If you get a chance to visit both campuses you will quickly figure out which school is the best “fit” for you . If I have learned anything through this process it is that there truly is a “best fit” school for each and every student. Good luck and have a great freshman year wherever you end up.