Cal Poly SLO Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Are people able to apply for the honors programs other years other than freshman year?


We have the portal issue resolved thank god. I read on this forum about honors program. Is it by invitation only or anyone could apply? Is it too late to apply now? Thx

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They invite people but you can apply even if not invited. The deadline has passed for fall but you can apply again later. The info is all online.

Does it matter whether you do SLO days online or in-person? Also, is there any detriment in missing SLO days?

Can people choose to live in the honors living community even if they didn’t apply for honors?

I don’t know, but I doubt it. What’s the point of the entire app process, if anyone can live in the Honors Housing?


Do you guys know if they base housing off numbers because I was wondering if substance free would live in the new dorms with honors again

No one here knows the answer, but I’d guess probably. Placement of LC’s are at least partially based on Incident Reports (IR’s). SLO tracks IR’s in their LC’s, which they try to reduce, of course.

If you’re prepared to be substance-free, then list it as your 1st or 2nd priority in your housing app. If you’re not prepared to be substance-free, then don’t.

BTW, from your posts, substance-free doesn’t sound like it’s very important to you. If it were, then you wouldn’t be asking this question. :wink:

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I’d also add that I’ve read that the substance-free/mindful living has the highest demand amongst FY’s. So, there’s that.

Ok thanks , sucks that they didn’t have mindful living this year

Does anyone know how housing works for people accepted off the waitlist after the May 7th housing app deadline? If one of my friends already commited, will I be able to request her as my roommate even though the deadline already passed for her?

From moderator on SLO parent Facebook page, “You can’t select someone on the waitlist ahead of time, but if the student gets accepted from the waitlist and all of the roommates send an email to Housing with the request, Housing will do their best to accommodate.”


Does anyone know if we are able to go and visit the university and go into the store and buy college merch?

Absolutely. But we didn’t try to get inside any of the buildings, besides the bookstore and the University Union, which houses Starbucks. Those two are fully open with masks.

Anyone think any waitlist decisions will come out today?

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Hopefully soon

FYI. Cal Poly SLO beach volleyball plays UCLA at 12:30 today on ESPN2 in the NCAA tournament. It’s a double elimination tournament and Cal Poly has already lost one match. But they did beat Stanford.


Yes, it’s too late to apply to the honors program.