**Cal Poly SLO STATS ONLY Freshman Class of 2025**

Congrats!! I got in for architecture as well :smiley:

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Admissions Decision: Accepted 02/23/2021 via email
Intended Major: Architectural Engineering
SLO GPA: 4.04
Non-Local: Los Angeles Area
HS Course Rigor: 5 AP Classes, 3 college classes, 4 years alternative language, 3 honors
EC: 2 sports, multiple leadership positions, low-income, minority, 2 full scholarships to summer programs, 3+ clubs, Vice-President, summer camp volunteer (100+ hours)
Jobs: No job, but summer volunteering, cut hair as well

Natural Resources and Fire Science
Leadership, Sport, Volunteer work
9 total Honors or AP courses
4 Lab Sciences
4 years English
3 years Foreign Language
Over 20 hours of work a week - not related
In state/San Diego, CA

Sister accepted(will be joining me at cal poly)
Admission Decision: ACCEPTED
Intended major: WINE & VITICULTURE
In-state/OOS/International: IN STATE
Local/Non-local: NON-LOCAL (Central Valley)
HS course rigor: 2 APs, 3 college classes(local CC)
EC’s and major related job: FFA Vice President, ASB Secretary, City Fair Youth Board Elected Member, CSF, waterpolo, raised livestock(4 years) & major related job/volunteer

In state decisions also have started to come. All 3 students I know got accepted in AG college.

Decision: Accepted
Major: Environmental Science
GPA: 4.2
In State
HS Rigor: 9 AP’s (including 4 senior year) and a number of honors.
EC’s: Theatre, Various clubs, volunteer philanthropy

Admission Decision: ACCEPTED 2/23
Intended major: HISTORY
SLO GPA: 4.40
In-state/OOS/International: IN STATE
Local/Non-local: NON-LOCAL (OC/Irvine)
HS course rigor: 9 APs (6 Senior year)
EC’s: National League of Young Men (philathropy/volunteer group), Club Swim, High School Swim Captain (4 years Varsity)

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Admission Decision: Accepted
Intended major: Nutrition
SLO GPA: not sure, CSU GPA 3.98, 9th grade had all A’s, so probably the same
In-state/OOS/International: In-state
Local/Non-local: Non-local (OC)
HS course rigor: 3 APs, 6 Honors, 3 Dual Enrollment
EC’s and major related job: Sports, Community service, No major related job

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Did anyone above get accepted to an alternative (2nd choice) major? My S21 applied under Biochemistry which seems a tougher admit. His alternative was Nutrition. He’s thinking pre-med. No word yet and he is officially nervous.

Just saw that this was “stat only” my apologies.

Admission Decision: Accepted
Intended major: business admin
SLO GPA: 4.3 i think
In-state/OOS/International:in-state (socal)
Local/Non-local: non-local (beach cities/LA area)
HS course rigor: max ap/honors classes (11 i think)
EC’s and major related job: 3 sports (captain), editor in chief of newspaper, 400+ hrs comm serv

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My D’s stats
Admission Decision: Accepted
Intended major: CS
SLO GPA: 4.2 (Cap)
In-state/OOS/International: OOS
Local/Non-local: Non-local
HS course rigor: Mix of AP and honors
EC’s and major related job: 3 yrs HS swim varsity/state, 4 yrs club swim, multiple clubs, PT work, 200+ volunteer hrs

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Hi! Did she get notified today or yesterday? I’m wondering if more out of state applicants will continue to be notified this week. Appeared that many were notified on Monday.

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D was notified yesterday.

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My daughter received an email acceptance last night via emial, In State.

My daughter was admitted via email into BioChem last night with no 2nd choice. Good luck to your son.

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Admission Decision: Accepted
Intended major: Biomedical Engineering
SLO GPA: 4.25
In-state/OOS/International: in-state
Local/Non-local: non-local (orange county CA)
HS course rigor: 15 AP/Honors, 5 community college classes
EC’s and major related job: Private Tutoring 9-12th grades, Key Club President, PTSA President, Band Clarinet Section Leader, Studio Art Classes, NHS, CSF service project chair, Science Olympiad, Academic Decathlon

DD got in in business major yesterday. 4.0 Uw gpa , UC capped gpa 4.31 ,uncapped 4.62 , ACT 35 , 10 AP , 5 community college courses , volunteer jobs related to major. A lot of extracurricular.

We are in Northern California, and my son had three friends receive acceptances yesterday. I don’t know any of their CP GPAs, but one was a Bio major with an approx. 4.5, another was a Business major with an approx. 4.2 and the other is some sort of aerospace engineering with over a 4.6.

They all received a congratulatory email, not an email notification to check their student portal for an admissions update.

Good lord, waiting is hard!!

It’s so awful. These kids are already going through so much this year with Covid and missing their Senior year. Now this.
I had no idea how hard this waiting was going to be.

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