Cal Poly SLO Transfer Thread for Fall 2021

I like want to confirm i’m actually committed like it just disappeared and it’s making me nervous

Hi everyone! I know there’s some new people on this thread but for those who have been on here with me from when before decisions came out, who have been so kind to me and have been routing for me, I just want to say I will be committing to UCLA! You guys have been my favorite college confidential thread and I appreciate all your support. I wish everyone here luck wherever they end up!



People come off the Waitlists daily & intermittently as a spot becomes available. It’s just like being on a Waitlist for a class in community college, once somebody drops the class, a seat becomes available to the person on the Waitlist. That happens at any given moment. There have many people who have been taken off the Waitlist & accepted this year. You can find them on Reddit.

But July 15th is the final day to be accepted from any Waitlist.

Well, Hot Damn, Girl - I knew Cal Poly SLO would be at a disadvantage to losing you.

But UCLA? - Jeeeeez… You are gonna make an imprint on the Scientific World that’s gonna affect us all & you will have the credentials to back it up.

:love_you_gesture: Congratulations :love_you_gesture:


Awww you’re so sweet thank you so much! I appreciate you!


Can someone post another link to the discord??

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Everyone —

Cal Poly SLO is holding a Zoom session today for Off-Campus Housing from 4p-5:30p Pacific Time.

I don’t know if non-Cal Poly students are allowed but you can try the Zoom link. You may need an email. At least try though.

Zoom: 827 6136 0526

calpoly.zoom .us/j/82761360526

Have any CS majors on the waitlist heard back? Or heard of someone else who heard back?