Cal Poly SLO vs Pepperdine vs SDSU for Business Admin Degree

I am a transfer student and am having a hard time choosing between the three. Any insights?

Have you been to all three? Very different in location, geography, size.

No wrong answer.

Note Pepperdine, which attracts many religions, has Christian centered course requirements.

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What about final costs for each and do they fit into your college budget?

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have you been admitted?
can you afford them?
and what are you looking for as a student?

Since they are so different I wonder if a student would be equally happy at all three. I don’t think any will give you an advantage over the other two. Visit, talk to current or former students, get a sense for which is the best fit (or at least which you would not like, if any)

One bit of advice (albeit unrelated to your question) is that of getting an internship after junior year. Several years back a guy I worked with had a son at SDSU and I suggested he encourage his to do so. We changed work groups and a few years later I ran into him again. He told me that his son had found an internship and that out of the friends graduating with him in his fraternity he was the only one that had a job offer before graduation.

Leave out pepperdine and use the money for a graduate program later …

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The prices for all 3 come to around the same due to some large scholarships I received for pepperdine.

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The differentiation with Pepperdine will be the required religion coursework.

Does that bother you?

Otherwise, then pick out the school you feel most comfortable.

Go see all three and then decide.

they are all great, congrats!

Visit the schools, talk to students and choose the experience If you want. I’d lean toward CPSLO due to the non-religious, nid-sized student body and college town - but, that’s me.

Good luck