Cal Poly SLO vs University of British Columbia

Hey guys! I got into the CS program in Cal Poly SLO and the BUCS (Business and Computer Science) program at UBC. Having a really hard time deciding between the two. Which one do you guys think is better? Would love to know about the positives and the negatives of each! Help out another student in need?

CS at Cal Poly SLO. Location + reputation + the BUCS program is a business degree “to apply IT solutions in a business context and use them to develop opportunities for growth”, not a CS program.

Thank you MYOS1634. If I change to just CS at UBC, which is better? CP vs UBC.

At UBC, you’re admitted to a program, so email them to see whether you’d be allowed to switch to CS. It may not be possible.

UBC is in a much bigger city and is one of the four best universities in Canada. Cal Poly is not one of the four best universities in the USA or even California. To me it’s a no brainer to choose UBC if they are equally affordable for you.

^Mommyrocks: except OP wasn’t admitted to his major at UBC, but to a mixed business/IT major that’s not CS.

Cal Poly has one of the best CS programs in California. On an undergraduate level, I’d say it’s as good as the UCs. It doesn’t get much press because it doesn’t grant PhDs or do much research.

Thank you MYOS1634. Even if I change to just CS at UBC, which is better? CP vs UBC.

I’d say probably equal (more hands-on at Cal Poly, more theoretical at UBC).
CS at both is excellent. UBC as a whole has more prestige and is widely known throughout Canada, but CS at Cal Poly has the Silicon Valley, plus better weather. It’d really a personal choice, neither one of which would be bad.
However as long as you don’t have official information indicating you are allowed to switch, consider that you’re NOT in CS at UBC.