Cal Poly SLO's networking

<p>So I have been admitted to 7 schools, but it is between cal poly SLO and LMU. It would be an easy decision just to go to SLO because I love the school and the city. However, I want to work as a talent agent in the entertainment industry in LA so obviously LMU would be the better choice for networking in the industry. So what I was wondering is if anyone knew if I could still go to SLO and be able to work in the entertainment industry. Like does SLO have that sort of networking in LA or would it just be a waste to my overall career goal to go to SLO over LMU? I am trying to commit to a school by the end of today as this site is really my last resort to try and break the tie between both schools. Thanks guys</p>

<p>Tough situation buddy. I, like you, prefer Cal Poly SLO. In almost every category SLO beats LMU, except in what you described in your post. What is your major? That will have a lot to do with it. If it is business, which is what I assume it will be, go to SLO and work your tail off to get internships and co-ops in the entertainment industry during summers and quarters off for co-ops. If it is not bushiness, and more like art, music or entertainment related, then go to LMU. Being in LA is pretty important if you want to be a talent agent. However, how often do you actually think you will be able to get away from campus to network? That should be a consideration too. Furthermore, at 18 years old, are you absolutely sure that being an agent will be your future? I know some folks in the entertainment industry here that graduated from SLO. But USC, UCLA and other big local schools will have the network advantage. LMU should not be bad either.</p>