Cal Poly vs. CU Boulder Environmental Sciences

Asking for my daughter’s friend:
Would love opinions on CU Boulder for Environmental Studies vs. Cal Poly for Environmental Management and Protection. In-state for CP so price is obviously a big draw. Would love to know academically what the differences are. I love Boulder more overall but feel like because of the price and location, I should really be favoring CP. Would love any thoughts on the academics and the differences between the two programs that might help me make a decision. Thank you!

You are talking SLO and not Pomona ?

I would look at curriculum outcomes. They are many facets of environmental science. Weather. Policy. Ecology. Which area interests your student and at which school can it be done.

I don’t know but from a name POV one is prob no better than the other. Obviously the weather and campus vibe will be but I would check the curriculum. To me, without knowing the students interest, Cal Poly’s looks more robust.

Good luck.

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