Cal Poly vs NYU

Which one would you recommend for an international student? (not that one needs to be in an environment where there are many international students to thrive) In my research, they both have an equal number of pros and cons. While Cal Poly has a very low percentage of international students, NYU Tandon has very high. Considering all the factors a graduate program typically has such as research, thesis, course options, etc… I can add more of what I found if someone has any advice they can share based on experience which is ideal. Thank you.

Major: MS CS at Cal Poly, MS CS at NYU Tandon

Forgot to add that money and location are not a deciding factor for the international student’s personal scenario

Cal Poly and the students appear aware of this issue and are trying to address it through a variety of initiatives. In this recent article several students share their experiences and some of the efforts to attract qualified diverse students are discussed.

Academically both great schools and peers of one another.

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You can’t go wrong with either of these programs. See which program has the courses you want, and which professors are doing research that is more aligned with your interests.

That said, is one school more known to the companies in your home country? That would be a consideration for employment post graduation.