Cal Poly Vs Oregon

<p>So I'm stuck in a bit of a rut here and could use a bit of help in deciding what school would be best given my situation. I've been accepted to both schools, but I live in Oregon, so UO would end up costing half that of Cal Poly. As I understand it, Cal Poly is one of the best architectural schools there is, but UOregon is pretty high up there as well.</p>

<p>Could someone offer me a bit of insight into one or both of the schools and maybe point out anything I really need to consider?</p>

<p>you really need to consider the fact that i am going to uo...</p>

<p>i kid, i kid!
sort of.</p>

<p>haha anyway, i'm like the opposite.
i'm looking at going to uo because i didn't get into cal poly.</p>

<p>K A
Go to UofO, do really well, take the money you don't spend OOS and us it for a fantastic grad school, travel the world, or buy a great house!</p>


<p>i have a huge bias, but i would say u of o. i dunno, for me i'm not really into tech schools, but that is just me and i might be able to say some more after i visit u of o and if i get into the arch school, but if you can save on money and still go to an excellent arch school, then go for u of o.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input everyone!</p>


<p>My S was accepted ED at Cal Poly. He is both technical and artistic, so CP SLO is probably his best fit. UO was probably too artsy for him. He would have had OOS tuition at either school. At UO, he could have gotten a tuition break going through the Honors College, but otherwise would have been stuck with OOS tuition for the duration. At Cal Poly, it's OOS tuition for the first year, and then apply for residency.</p>

<p>How can he apply for residence while going to school? Just curious.</p>

<p>Yeah, I have come to find that CP is NOT as artsy as I would have liked. Good decision on their part. LOL.</p>


<p>You might wanna look into the rules on residency, because as I understand it, being a full-time (maybe even part-time) enrolled student throws out your chance of gaining residency.</p>

<p>Yeah, my parents even were looking at getting me a house in Eugene. But there are very few loopholes around residency, unless you pay Oregon taxes or something.</p>

<p>The rules at the UC schools are different than in the CSU system. At Cal Poly (part of CSU system), you can apply for residency after living in state for a year. You have a list of objective measures to take to show intent: CA perm address, bank, drivers license, vote, state taxes, etc. Financial independence is desired but not required. Subjective measures includes listing anywhere you live for that first year, especially anytime out of state. It seems likely if you live with parents out of state during the summer, one might question your intent. Then again, when they kick you out of the dorms during breaks, are you supposed to live under a bridge in CA or go home to mama for a few hot meals?</p>