CAL question on health insurance

<p>Hey yall,</p>

<p>for about 6 months i havent had health insurance. Now at CAL it says i need to have health insurance and let em know by july 15th. The thing is i dont think i can afford the uni health package nor my own health insurance. what do i do? will i get rescinded if i dont sign up for health insurance?</p>

<p>Yes, all berkeley students are required to have health insurance. You don't have an option in this matter, they will automatically enroll you in SHIP. You can waive SHIP only if you have comparable health insurance. So expect to pay an extra $761 which isn't that much relative to the total cost of things.</p>

<p>are you serious? isnt there a way to say i cant afford it and get 761 dollars more in finaid?</p>

<p>The cost is already included in your estimated cost of attendance. So if you are already getting enough aid to cover your costs then you are fine. The only way anything changes is if you opt out of the SHIP insurance because you have your own, then your financial aid package would go down because you don't need that money anymore. Hope that makes sense. Also if you really cannot pay it for some reason talk/appeal to the financial aid office, Cal seems pretty sympathetic to people with no money.</p>

<p>Hi I can't have a specific sol. for your question but I found this website it gives a detailed info about health insurance and policies .. plz check it hope it will be useful..</p>

<p>Life</a> Insurance</p>