Cal State Chico Class of 2024 Admissions Thread

I do apologize if I have posted this in the wrong discussion group. I do not see a section for Chico State. My D20 has applied so I want to open a thread for others to discuss their application status for those applying as new freshman or transfers for Fall 2020. Once admission decisions start being released for Chico, it would be great for people to share in this format:

Decision (Admitted/Denied/Waitlisted):

GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses):
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated:

Other schools applied to:

Anything else you want to mention:

Best of luck to all applicants!

@Highlander96 Great idea! I used your wording to create thread for CSUSM. Best of luck to your DS!

@socalmomof4 I borrowed the wording from another post. So glad to see it paid forward. :smile:

Great idea! I was looking for this thread. My child applied for Fall 2020 and has not heard back yet from 3 of the 4 CSUs. Not applying for an impacted major (secondary education credential track).

ACT: 27
GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses): 4.0
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated: 1070 using the ACT

Other schools applied to: ASU, WSU, Chico State, Sonoma State, Cal Poly, San Diego

Anything else you want to mention: accepted at ASU, WSU, Sonoma; (waiting for Chico, Cal Poly, San Diego).

My daughter received the admittance packet in the mail today (1/14), even though her portal still shows her status as Pending and nothing in her Wildcat email.

CSU GPA: 4.09W, 4.0UW
ACT: 31
SAT: 1430
Major: Recreation Administration

Also applied to: Sac (Admitted), SJSU (Pending), Cal Poly SLO (Pending)

Congratulations @DumbleDad !

@DumbleDad Is your daughter in-state or in the local area for Chico? Thanks for the info!

We’re in-state but in the Bay Area, don’t know if that’s considered local for Chico but I doubt it.

Our daughter just got her acceptance packet 1/14 for Chico in the mail . Her online status is still pending. We live in the Sacramento area.

ACT: 27
GPA: 4.0UW, 4.2W
Index: 1070
Major: secondary education, math

@kukui77 What county do you live in?

@kikiob we live in El Dorado County

Congratulations @kukui77 !

D received admissions packet for Chico in mail on 1/15. No change in portal

SAT: 1110
GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses): 3.59
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated: 3982
Major: Animal Science

Congrats to all who made it!

@Highlander96 Thank you!

Congratulations @Gregmacd !

D20 found out today that she was admitted.

Decision: Admitted

SAT: 1320
GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses): 3.6
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated:

Other schools applied to: Washington State (Admitted), Utah (Admitted), Oregon (Admitted), Portland (Admitted), Whitworth (Admitted), Western Washington (pending)

Anything else you want to mention: Orchestra, International Thespian Society, lots of community service

@Highlander96 Did she get a packet in the mail or get the notice online?

My D just logged into her portal and had to hunt, but did find that she has been admitted. Weird they wouldn’t make a bigger deal about it and send a congratulatory email. It was in the “Student Center” section of “Admissions” tab., then click “View Application Details.” In any event exciting news!

GPA: 4.17
SAT: 1340 Superscored
Major: Communication Design

Other schools applied to: SDSU (admitted), waiting to hear from Cal Poly, UC Davis, UCSB.

Good luck to all!

Congratulations @kikiob !

She hasn’t received a packet or anything in the mail. Her portal said she was admitted and that a packet would be mailed out to her later. Also, there was a short blurb about applying for the Wildcat scholarship. Probably the same message that was posted to other admitted applicants.

Decision: Admitted
I got my packet in the mail and my portal was updated!
I am also out of state

SAT: 1220 (based on ACT)
ACT: 25
GPA (10th-11th grade a-g courses): 3.3
Eligibility Index, if known/calculated:
Major: Political Science

Other schools applied to: Uni of Iowa (accepted), Uni of Illinois (accepted), Creighton (accepted), UMass Boston (accepted), Michigan State (accepted), Xavier (accepted), Uni of Virginia (still waiting)

Anything else you want to mention: lots of community service, varsity sports, science national honors society