Cal State Dropout, transferring back

I’m not sure where to put this thread, thought this was most appropriate

I’m from NYC. I graduated high school last year and committed to Sonoma State. I went as far as going to orientation and planning out my schedule, and then found out I couldn’t get housing and had to drop out. I had to take a gap semester, and wait until the spring to attend my safety school (College of Staten Island).

I have absolutely no plans of staying at this college. The classes are easy, but Sonoma was just perfect for me.

I’m a Psych major currently taking 4 classes (English, Psych, College Algebra, and World Music). My algebra class is ridiculously hard (I know how that sounds…) and I want to withdraw before I fail it. My other grades are stellar. A+. I’m not kidding. They’d build a shrine out of my GPA if it weren’t for math.

Question is, how does this look to Cal State when I reapply in the fall? I plan on getting back to sonoma (Or ANY CSU) ASAP but I don’t know how they’ll look at a kid who already enrolled and then dropped out. Also, how will a W on my transcript look?

Might I add, I’m only taking this algebra class because its a pre major requirement at the school I’m in NOW. At sonoma and other schools I don’t need it+could take a lib arts math to fulfill gen ed math requirement.

@baileyj15 I’m not sure how it works in NYC, but in California you need at least 60 units of college level classes in order to transfer to a CSU (mainly because most Cal States don’t accept lower division transfers. When you transfer, it’s assumed that you have completed all or most of your general ed and you would go directly into the classes for your major. As far as getting a W, it’s not that big of a deal, especially if you just have one. If your math class is a pre-req for one of your major prep classes, you might want to just stick it out though. The most important part of your application they look at is your GPA and the number of major prep courses you’ve completed. So keep that in mind.

I have a question about the housing that you were denied. Did you just apply for housing too late or was there some other reason that prevented you from getting housing? I submitted my housing application last week (for the fall semester) so I’m hoping that wasn’t too late. Thanks and good luck with your situation

@baileyj15 Getting a “W” is better than having a failing grade, because despite being able to retake the class the grade will follow you and can affect your overall GPA. However with a W, it does not affect your GPA, you can retake the class and replace the W with a grade. I believe this is possible as long as you retake the class within the next 2 years.

As for how the school looks on Ws, 1 shouldn’t make a difference. Things happen and people have to drop and change their schedule. Having amazing grades in your other classes will show the school that you are a serious student. You just have to decide if you would rather have a W or maybe get a bad grade. Also, if there are counselors at your school you currently go to, they can give you advice. Also, if you can, call the admissions at Sonoma and see what their view point is on Ws. Some school vary, but I personally think 1 will not have a negative impact on your ability to get in.

Good luck!!

I submitted it VERY late (post-oritentation) and could have done off campus housing, but wasn’t within financial constraints. You should be fine.