Cal State Fullerton -Class of 2023

Hi, I applied to Cal State Fullerton and three other schools. I’ve got accepted to 2 of the other 3 so far but Cal State Fullerton is my top choice. Does anyone know when they send out acceptance letters? I’ve been checking my portal multiple times a day and it still says a decision has not been made.

check your portal, I just got my acceptance notification in the student center!

@Syann99 Congrats! I still haven’t received anything but congratulations to you :slight_smile:

My son got accepted tonight, posted on another thread, maybe only local decisions released?

@scot2001 Maybe so. I don’t think I’m considered local since I’m from LA county

SF Bay Area Mom here…nothing on my son’s Fullerton portal yet.

Accepted on 2/1 - Computer Science.
Local applicant

@2km2km Congrats!!! I’m waiting for them to start accepting non-local applicants

Accepted 2/1, Business Major, Accounting Concentration

@JOHNKIM1883 Congrats!!

Any non local applicants have a decision yet?

My daughter received this 2/7/2019
SAT: 1300
GPA: 4.7
Region: Southern California
Gender: Female
Major: Cinema and Television Arts
Date Applied: Nov. 1st, 2018
Decision Accepted: 2/7/2019

Son accepted today for Communications. EI 3998

My son got acceptance today
SAT: 1500
ACT: 34
GPA: 4.7
Region: Southern California
Gender: Male
Major: Computer Science
Date Applied: Nov. 2018
Decision Accepted: 2/22/2019

has anyone gotten in for the public health major??? I havent gotten an admission decision yet.
SAT; 1130
CSU GPA: 3.53
Not local, but in state (LA County)
major: public health
applied on october 11 2018
still no admission decision

i got accepted on 2/22 for mechanical engineering but i live incredibly close to fullerton

I got accepted for biological sciences major and my GPA was a 3.25 for the CSU and my sat score was 1030 and my act was 22. I know my stats are very low ?? but somehow I was accepted

Forgot to mention I got accepted today and I live in Southern California

There’s hope omg! congrats tho, i’m still waiting for a decision

anyone else get in, I’m in norcal with a 3.27 gpa 1260 sat and still no decision