Cal State Fullerton

Hello guys, I am a senior that is trying to get into Cal State Fullerton. I recently took the SAT and got 980 and my GPA is
2.7 unweighted and 3.2 weighed. I slacked off junior year which i know now was so dumb. I was just wondering how my chances are into getting into that college?

CSU/UC GPA capped weighted?

Intended major?
Are you in the local service area?

Calculate your eligibilty index.
(CSU GPA capped weighted x 800) + (SAT Math + EBRW).
An EI of 3800+ could make you competitive.

Average CSU GPA was 3.58 and SAT 1050 so just based on your posted stats, CSUF is a Reach. If you post all the pertinent info, posters could offer some better suggestions.

My weighted for junior is 3.2. I’m not sure whats the difference from gpa capped weighted . Major is motion design/vfx. I live pretty near the place also

I calculated and got 3540

You take your grades from all the a-g courses in 10-11th grades and count up all A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, etc…
Then if you have taken any UC approved Honors/AP/IB or Dual enrollment classes 10-11th, you get 1 point for each semester up to 8 semesters of honors points (capped weighted).

So if your EI is 3540 and you are not local to CSUF, then it will be a Reach school. Non-local EI threshold was 3800 last year and local was 3600 for an acceptance. If local, try a retake and bump up your SAT score into the 1050 range for a better chance.

To confirm if you are local check this link:

EI thresholds will fluctuate year to year depending upon the strength of each in-coming Freshman class.

With an EI of 3540 however, there are many Cal states that would accept you. Dominguez Hills, San Bernardino, Channel Islands, San Marcos to name a few.

Thanks for the info! I am local and if I do well on senior year and get a better gpa, would it make my chances better?

CSU’s do not consider Senior grades in their admission decisions. They may ask for a 1st semester Senior transcript if you are borderline. You have until the Dec sitting for the SAT so I would try to retake it at least once more to bump up your scores. CSUF is an impacted campus so there are more qualified applicants than spots available. Even as a local, you want to be competitive. Apply widely so you have some options.

A few more CSUs worth a look with a 3540, Sonoma, Sac, SF East Bay and Humboldt

Yes I am planning to retake it again for the last time. Not sure how well it will go but imma give it a shot! Thank you

Thank you!

Also, how are my chances for “Cal State University, Los Angeles” with all the information above?

If you are non-local, your EI makes CSULA a tough admit.

I am local

How about my chances if I am local? sorry if i don’t know much about this

You said you were local for CSU Fullerton. You cannot be local for both CSU Fullerton and LA. Check the link in post# 4 to figure out which CSU is local for you since it will make a difference.

List of local HS’s in the CSULA area:

How will students be considered for admission?
Cal State LA is a very popular campus. We receive more applications than can be accommodated. Cal State LA has a long history of commitment to access, the local community, and social upward mobility.

Based on CSU and campus policy, preference for freshmen admission is offered to applicants who are considered ‘local’ based on their high school of graduation, or military status. ‘Local’ freshmen applicants will be offered admission if they meet the minimum Cal State LA Freshmen Admission requirements as stated above.

Freshmen applicants who are not considered ‘local’ will be ranked by the CSU Eligibility Index and offered admission based on space availability in the major or college. Admission to Cal State LA is very competitive for non-local applicants. As a result, many eligible applicants will not be offered admission. We strongly recommend that all applicants have a back-up plan.

Admission to some majors will be to a ‘pre-major’ status. Continuation in the major will be subject to meeting specific lower division course and GPA requirements at Cal State LA that indicate the student’s ability to successfully complete the major and graduate.

In addition to applying to Cal State LA, we encourage you to also apply to other colleges, so that you will have alternatives in the event that you are not offered admission.

Local area for CSU Fullerton:

The non-impacted CSU campuses: Channel Islands, Dominguez Hills,Bakersfield, Stanislaus and San Francisco State will accept applicants with the minimum EI of 2900. However, you need to check if your intended major is impacted at these campuses where you would need above the minimum to get an acceptance.

Here is the CSU impacted campus/major matrix to help you target schools.

Ah I see my bad. Thank you for your help!! I will look more into it :slight_smile:

Last one. How are my chances against Cal State Long beach? I rechecked and it seems like my city “Anaheim” is in the CSLB. So i should be local there

So just to be sure, here is the CSULB local service area:

Applicants who are considered ‘local’ based on their high school of graduation or military status who meet the CSULB minimum eligibility requirements but are not admissible to the major will be offered admission as an ‘undeclared’ student. Undeclared students will explore other appropriate majors through coursework and advising and must meet the major-specific criteria for the major prior to declaring a major by their junior year. Applicants should note that ‘undeclared’ is not a route to their initial intended major. Undeclared students work with university advisors to identify and succeed in alternate majors.

Applicants will be admitted based on the calculated Eligibility Index used in establishing minimum CSULB eligibility above. Applicants who are considered local based on their high school of graduation or military status will be offered admission if they meet the minimum Eligibility Index required of the major. Other applicants will be ranked by the “Eligibility Index” and will be offered admission based on space available in the major or college. Admission to some majors will be to a ‘pre-major’ status. Continuation in the major will be subject to meeting specific lower division courses and GPA requirements at CSULB that indicate the student’s ability to succeed and complete the major.

So depending upon your intended major, you may be accepted into your major or undeclared as a local applicant. Past EI thresholds have been in the 3900 range, but it will depend upon your intended major and how you stack up against your fellow applicants.

I think it will be a tough admit and you may be accepted Undeclared so make sure you have other major options just in case.