Cal State Northridge Class of 2024 Discussion Thread

Congratulations to all admitted students. @ChaiT3A asked me to start a discussion thread for all admitted and hopefully enrolled students.

Please post your questions or just a friendly chat on CSUN and what to do next!

Thank you so much! I just went on a Live Webinar for CSUN admissions so I will be able to relay some great information from that, including housing, financial aid, freshman advising appointments, and more.

Also just to let everyone know, I just had an email exchange with the president of CSUN housing and she said that there is now a wait list to get into housing so make sure you all apply as soon as possible for the highest chance to get your housing! It may only be for freshman suites though because my brother is going into his Junior year and he didn’t get a waitlist number when he applied to housing. (After the CSUN housing president said there was one)

She also assured me that there will be housing in the Fall and if social distancing is still in place then they will have it in place in housing as well but we can be assured there will be housing for us in the fall.