Cal State Northridge Fall 2022 - Class of 2026

Applied to CSU Northridge in 2022? Decisions are expected mid-March.

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Son was accepted today for CS. CSU GPA 4.0. CA Resident, Non Local for Northridge.

Son accepted for ME, from NorCal. We honestly thought he would have multiple CSUs to choose from but my experience from the 90s is apparently completely out of touch with the process today (thanks kid). Any thoughts on this program? Other options are Chico, and waiting to hear from Fullerton still.

I am no expert but both Chico and Northridge’s ME programs are ABET accredited so both will have a similar curriculum. I would compare the ME course offerings to see which school might have elective courses that fit your son’s interest.

Also both are very different environments so have you visited? Is he leaning towards one school or another?

You could check RateMyProfessor in regards to what is said about the ME professors at each school.

My Older son is in ME at northridge. It’s a decent program. The HAAS lab there for the formula SAE team is top notch. There are a couple crappy teachers in the engineering depts though. I imagine you’ll find that at any school. Very nice campus though. On the larger side square feet wise. It’s also one of the cheapest cal states out there. As is the case with most cal states, it’s largely a commuter school. Much higher percentage of people commuting than living on campus. The dorms are really nice here as well. You have a range of options from standard dorm to apartment style suite.

And yeah, the ability to get into any calstate today is nowhere near what it used to be. it’s sad how competitive it is.

Thank you both. My brother got into both Long Beach and SDSU with a 2.7 in 1995 so I really had no idea. I went to SLO in the early 90s, it was hard to get into then but nothing like now. We’re going to visit Northridge this weekend on a self guided tour. There’s no tours available through the school right now. He’s interested in the automotive engineering concentration so Northridge seems like a better option at this point (and closer to the LA car culture he likes). He also got into the Motorsport Engineering program at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). We went to an admitted student day and they rolled out the red carpet for students and it was a full day program. Meanwhile the ME page at CSUN appears to be about 2 years old as it mentions classes going virtual on March 23. It’s just different. CSUN isn’t the choice I would make for him but I’m not the one making the choice. Parenting is hard!

OMG, our son applied to the mechanical engineering program too at IUPUI with the intention of applying to the motorsports engineering program. FYI, about that motorsports majory, in case you didn’t know, cuz this was the major reason he didn’t choose that. We talked the head of the dept for that program and he said a lot of people drop out of that major and go back to mechanical engineering because they think the motorsports program is a “hands on” program. And it’s not. it’s all classroom/theory/research based. So if he’s looking for hands on, that’s not it. But if you want the classroom and research part, it’s a fantastic program.

As far as northridge goes, I can tell that you northridge’s formula SAE team is among the top 5 in CA, as far as how they place at the competition every year. They usually get within the top 10 overall. They have a very mature SAE program there, and you can get started helping out in the lab freshman year. The number 1 factor in our son’s choice was the formula SAE team at the school. His goal is to end up working for a nascar team as an engineer in charlotte.


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My son is a complete gear head and is currently building a rat rod. He’s had lots of hand on experience and the he cringed at the idea of taking classes in what he thinks he already knows ( :roll_eyes:). He’s definitely interested in SAE, the Haas connection is a big pull. I hope he likes the campus after his visit. He’s running out of options and time!

That’s great. If he winds up going to northridge, he and my son should connect. I’m sure they will have a lot to talk about. DM me if interested.


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Anyone know when the financial aid packages come out ? I got accepted mid/late February and I have heard nothing yet.

we haven’t gotten any financial aid notification yet either, fyi