Cal State Northridge or CSULB for Engineering?

<p>Hi. I am currently a high school senior and I want to attend a Cal-State. I have applied to both CSUN and CSULB(Cal state Long Beach). My question is which school is better for engineering, and which may off better jobs for graduating students. I'm assuming most people will say CSULB is, but if so, is it by far?</p>

<p>The reason I am so curious is because I live about 26 minutes from CSUN and 43 minutes from CSULB. I want to know if it would be worth driving the extra 20 minutes to CSULB.</p>

<p>Also, can I be accepted into CSULB with a 3.86 GPA. I haven't yet taken my SAT's yet, I am going to take them in December.</p>

<p>Any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Hey I forgot to mention this and what about CPP, is CPP better than CSULB for engineering?</p>