Cal State Universities

<p>Can anyone rank the Cal States?</p>

<p>Are you looking for a particular program, or just in general?</p>

<li>Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - especially for Engineering and Architecture. Pretty good for Business.</li>

<p>The rest vary by program</p>

<p>I'm looking for Business/Economics/Finance, something in that area.</p>

<li>Cal SLO</li>
<li>Cal Pomona</li>
<li>Cal Long Beach</li>
<li>Cal Fullerton</li>

<p>That's all I can do since there are 24 of them. Well, the ones in larger cities are better than those in smaller areas (except SLO).</p>

<p>Merry christmas to everyone. Well if you're looking for business San Diego State seems to have the best and most reputable business school out of all the cal states. I go to SDSU as an undergraduate business major, there might be some bias (but thats one of the biggest reasons I chose SDSU over a few UC's), from what i've seen via the clubs on campus (finance and investment society) and peoples salaries out of college i've been hearing, SDSU's business program is taken seriously, especially in southern california.</p>

<p>Ok, this is off topic, but I was not so lucky in the other forum, so I am asking here: I sent my SAT scores to CSU Mentor (I mean I put CSU MEntor down, when asked for the 4 free entries before taking the test). Now does that mean that all the CSU's that I am applying for are gonna get my test scores or what did I indicate when I put down CSU Mentor? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!</p>

<p>For business, San Diego State is terrific.</p>

<p>foreign girl, you are correct. By putting CSU Mentor, all of the cal states you applied to will receive your sat scores.</p>

<p>I personally have no idea about the rankings, but I would guess.
1. cal poly SLO
2. cal poly pomona
3. Long Beach/San Diego State</p>

<p>and I would probably put Northridge all the way at the bottom.</p>

<p>I don't know what your basing these rankings on, but Cal Poly is very reputable for engineering and has built off of that reputation lately to become a small power house of a school. It's overtaking many UC's in prestige (atleast in California it is). If you were going to base the CSU rankings on popularity, San Diego State should be number 1, merely based on the fact SDSU recieved around 50,000 applicants this year, that shows you its a pretty popular school. Aside from that my freshmen experience at SDSU has been very good, I've enjoyed all the professors i've had, considering it's such a large school it seems like the professors will take time away from their day before/after class and if you briefly talk to them after class will def. be willing to schedule a time to talk with you if you can't make there office hours. I came into SDSU thinking the professors would have absolutely no time for me and i'd be in class sizes over 200, which was not the case for me, most of my classes were about 30-40 kids and I ended up getting to know most of my professors pretty well.</p>

<p>Saved, I'm happy to hear that things are going well for you at SDSU. I think of you nearly every time I drive by on Interstate 8. Have you hooked up with the Belch brothers yet?</p>

<p>1.CP SLO
3 and on, who knows?</p>

<p>SLO and SDSU are ranked just on how difficult it is to get into them. They are the two hardest state schools to get into. For fall 2004 Cal POly admitted %38 of its applicants with averages of 3.88 gpa, 28 act, 1247 sat. That %38 admit rate is comparable to UCSD's %37, and the stats are very similar to the three mid-tier UC's: SB, D, I.</p>

<p>SDSU had an average 3.69 gpa, 24 act</p>

<p>I have not hooked up with the Belch brothers yet, right now i'm just focusing on getting my GE requirements out of the way, so I can finally get into some upper level business courses. So hopefully i'll meet the Belch's in a year or so down the road.</p>

<p>Chico State is a good school.</p>

<p>If you are a born again student in California, your best bet may be your friendly $26 a unit community college with a plan to transfer into a UC. Otherwise go to the college websites and see what their graduates are up to. Good Luck</p>

<p>Humboldt State has one of the best evironmental science programs in the country. It is also the largest stoner school in the country, however.</p>

<p>my wife and i are business professors at different campuses in the CSU system, and we know faculty on almost every campus. if you are looking for a total full service, all majors covered college of business with sufficient resources, faculty, courses, accreditation, student activities, internships, and placement here is our best shot:</p>

<li> san diego state--biggest and best of all</li>
<li> cal poly SLO and cal poly pomona--SLO smaller and more selective and specialized, pomona has many interesting niche programs with great internship programs</li>
<li> cal state fullerton--large and reputable</li>
<li> long beach state and chico state--both moving up</li>
<li> san jose state--good bay area connections</li>
<li> sac state</li>
<li> cal state san marcos--coming up from obscurity</li>
<li> sonoma state--smaller but solid</li>