Cal transfer-conditions of admission

<p>What are the conditions of admission for CAL transfer students?? Just out of curiosity, are they just as strict/specific in their conditions of admission or are they a bit more lineant? I'm taking two summer courses (one at my CC and one at UCSD).</p>

<p>Here I my conditions for fall 2010 (transfer from a CC):</p>

<li> You must notify your Admissions Officer immediately, by email, of any additions, drops or withdrawals from courses you plan to complete this academic year. </li>
<li> You must complete at least 60 UC-transferable semester (90 quarter) units by the end of the spring 2010 term. Immediately contact your Admissions Officer if you will not be able to meet this condition.</li>
<li> You must complete all UC-transferable courses in the Winter and/or Spring 2010 terms with a 3.0 or higher GPA and no grade lower than a C. Immediately contact your Admissions Officer if you will not be able to meet this condition. </li>
<li> You may not attend summer session 2010 for the purposes of completing a minimum of 60 UC-transferable semester units, IGETC, or UC Reciprocity requirements. However, if you choose to attend summer for any other purpose (major requirements, courses of interest, etc) you must notify your UC Berkeley Admissions Officer by email and your final, official transcript must be received in our office by September 4, 2010. </li>
<li> If you are currently enrolled at or previously attended another UC campus, you must be in good academic standing; you must not currently be on academic probation or subject to dismissal.
In addition, you must:
 Complete the following specific course(s):
(The courses I reported I would take for spring 2010 were listed here)</li>

<p>Exactly what is posted above. Pretty fair if you ask me.</p>