CalArts vs Parsons vs Art Center for Graphic Design

Have narrowed my offers down to Cal Arts, Parsons and Art Center for Graphic Design but having a hard time deciding! Got decent financial aid for all 3. Drawn to CalArts but need more info to compare the choices. Any guidance or advice? All 3 colleges are very different!

Congrats! Great choices. Cal Arts is one of the top art schools, generally see it ranked higher than the others. But where would you want to work? NY? CA? That might be important info to figure out. It CA go to Cal Arts, if nYC go to Parsons

Just wanted to say congrats! My kid and I are visiting Calarts soon because she got accepted, we are excited to see it. Maybe ask if there is an accepted student insta or something to check out?

Yes, congrats to your student.

Cal Arts and Art Center are both smaller schools.
Cal Arts is a more traditional ‘art’ college and is located in the rather remote Valencia, meaning that for any nightlife, a student would have to drive. Driving to museums and/or cultural events in LA would be a trek.
Art Center is well located in Pasadena, has the best industry reputation and some of the most impressive results from their graduates (think packaging, etc.) ,but has no on-campus housing, meaning that it’s not a traditional ‘college experience.’
Parsons is also very non-traditional, but the student would have NYC at their fingertips with meaningful in internships giving, them a first-job advantage.

Hello, mother of a rising senior/future art major here. Do you guys mind sharing some of your info, how advanced were your portfolios, etc? My son is a good student, good GPA and test scores, but hasn’t taken a ton of art classes. He’s drawn his whole life though (while legit never taking a single drawing class). How worried should we be? Thank you for any advice or info! If you’ve got YouTube channels where you show your accepted portfolio (so many people do!) I would love to see! Thank you and congratulations!