Calc 1 at Nova

<p>I am just wondering from people that have done calc 1 at NOva if it is hard. I took Ap stat in stead of calc this year and am kind of regretting the decision. I don't want to go into Calc and do really badly. So for someone who hasn't done calc in high school how hard will it be? and is there anything I can do. BTW im in VSB if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Nervous? First off, you got into Nova, so you are smart. Shouldn't be a problem for you. The teachers usually start off slow, with almost a high school review, and are really helpful if you have issues. If you have problems, there is tutoring which many students I know got assistance with and it really helped them. The professor you get has a huge decision on how difficult the class is and you have to figure out what the individual teacher is looking for. One thing they do at Nova is seperate the engineering and science students from the liberal arts, and the teachers are aware that you are not planning on being a scientist, so the course is probably easier than one for students planning on taking 4 semesters of math.
Did you get assigned a professor yet? If so, I may be able to give some hints.</p>

<p>hey I sent you a PM and thanks for the post. im just looking for people that have taken calc 1 and how they thought it was especially if you didnt do it in high school.</p>

<p>I just sent you three replies, but then saw the little note that your mail box is full. Anyway, they had teacher surveys available to students in the library, but some teachers opted to keep the info private, so I'm not sure if they still have those. I never had (or heard of) the teacher you mentioned. I liked Santomas and Woljart. I didn't care as much for Belkin. Some how everyone finds out who the better profs are and their classes fill up quick. By the time you want to change teachers, there are few options. I hated that.
Also, check out the tutoring center. They have resources and know the teachers well and what each is looking for. Also, go talk to your teacher. They like to see that you are interested in their class, and makes it easier if you do have a problem in their class later on. Ask them for a copy of a test, so you can get an idea of what they want. You have to get an idea of how the teacher tests.</p>

<p>calc at nova is ridiculously easy dont sweat it</p>