Calc 155 Professors

<p>hey everyone. Who do you think is the best calc 155 professor? the worst? I been assigned to Whitehouse and from what I have heard I am screwed for the next semester-.-</p>

<p>i got Rafter and according to ratemyprof i am screwed as well.</p>

<p>they all got bad ratings. kind of a hassle to switch,</p>

<p>Calc 150 and 155 are pretty bad across the board from what I understand. Just gotta tough it out. Good news is there are plenty of calculus lessons around the internet.</p>

<p>A bad professor in Math 155 actually can be very bad, as opposed to 150 (in which tests are standardized). In 155 your professor makes up the tests for your particular section, and while they are theoretically cross-checked by the math department head, the sections of 155 are varying in difficulty. I had Bova last year, and he would put problems on tests based on material that was neither in the textbook or discussed in lectures - in his own words so that "not everyone would get an A". It was completely absurd. If you can't switch on YES now from a bad professor go to class and try to feel he/she out. 155A is the most commonly failed course at Vandy and I know a lot of people who were A students in high school AP calc that failed. Just be wary and know that the 155A/155B and to some extent 175 sequence are known for bad professors and low grades.</p>