Calc 2 after taking IB Math HL and BC Calc

<p>I am taking Calculus II along with Chem, Bio, and Islamic Studies (I know i have my work cut out this semester). However, my advisor strongly discouraged me from taking Calc II because of the imbalance. I kept trying to explain to her that math is MY subject. It is the subject that i can rely on to get good grades. I also told her that I took IB AP Calculus HL which is a combination of HL math and BC Calc. Since most colleges don't know the difficulty of HL math, she thought i would struggle. I did get a 5 on BC calc, with much ease. HL math over-prepares you for the AP exam. Everyone in my math class got 5s easily. The difference between AP and IB Math HL is that IB makes you think more and its not necessarily straight-forward like BC. There are no multiple choice. I did pretty well on the IB exam with a 5. </p>

<p>So my question in the end is, will i struggle in Calc II, even though i did the hardest possible practice for the topics? Will i be guaranteed an easy A A-? </p>

<p>Thanks (and feel free to ask me any questions on IB!)</p>