Calc AB kid needs help from Calc BC kid- Slope fields

<p>hey i was hoping someone might be able to explain slope fields to me-- i'm taking the ap calc ab and our teacher just gave us stuff today on them (i think this is the first or second year that slope fields have been on the ab)-- i've been trying to understand what he gave us but it makes no sense!!! i get the feeling i'm missing something because he made it seem like they were really easy! any help? thanks!!</p>

<p>They are really easy, they're just the derivative at that point (the slope that is).</p>

<p>From what I understand, all you do is plug in the x and y values (whatever's given) for that particular point, and get a slope value. Then on the graph, draw a little line segment oriented the way a line w/ that particular slope would be oriented. My teacher said they won't be getting their protractors out to grade these, but they should be able to identify what you think the slope is at that point.</p>

<p>yea slope fields are actually much easier than they sound. plug in the x,y values they give u (usually into dy/dx) and you get your slope for that point. then draw a little line segment at the point w/ the slope.</p>

<p>Think Slope field will show its head next tuesday for the BC free response?? I'm sure taylor series and polar will.</p>

<p>thanks all-- yeah that is really easy!! so the lines of tangency make out the path of original function. kind of cool. anyway, thanks and much luck tuesday. i'm taking ab & my teacher thinks it will for our free response but who knows-- i'm sure you'll get at least a few mc's on it</p>

<p>Consider it some free points ;)</p>

I really don't want to wake up at 6 on Tuesday to make my way to school at 7:45 (I have a one hour commute via NYC subway) to take the test.</p>

<p>that's viscious-- at least you can study on the way there!! the day i'm dreading is friday, b/c i have 3 in one day!!</p>

<p>How is that possible? I thought you can only take 2 in one day.</p>

<p>ap euro, ap us history, and ap studio art-- studio art i just have to turn in my portfolio/ slides etc., but bringing it all in/getting it all done will be a hassle</p>