Calc and Chem sections

<p>When do sections for MAC2311 and CHM2045 usually become available to add for schedule adjustment?</p>

<p>Drop/Add, first week of school. People start moving everything around and classes become more readily available.</p>

<p>Both are also reserved for freshmen, so you should of been registered for them at Preview.</p>

<p>So I won't be able to able to change my current schedule (for these two classes) until after classes start?</p>

<p>MuslimGator, those classes are full right now, but just keep as they say "stalking" ISIS and as soon as a seat is open you can snag it. I think they just meant that things open up a lot more during add/drop.</p>

<p>You may be locked out of registration if you have 15 hours registered already. If so, just see when ISIS says you can go in again, and then keep looking for the seats to open up.</p>

<p>LAst i checked the cap was 18 credits....</p>


<p>This is on the registration page:</p>

<p>Once they have reached 15 hours, the student will be automatically reassigned a new start time. Students may not access the ISIS registration system prior to their assigned start time. </p>

<p>Office</a> of the University Registrar</p>

<p>Tzais is right, you can check ISIS several times a day and you might get lucky.</p>

<p>I've always been lazy and just waited till drop/add, since nearly every class ends up with some empty seats at that point.</p>

<p>Yup I just found 4 seats in Calculus when I checked today, but not at any good times. I guess I'll have to keep checking every half hour and hopefully I'll get lucky.</p>

<p>also, there is calc for engineers and calc. theres no functional difference as long as they have the same course number.</p>

<p>Classes open up everyday in chemistry at least. I've checked at 8 o'clock every morning and on Tuesday I was able to change my lab and my chem class to a time significantly earlier than my 6-9pm lab on Friday and 5-6pm chem course 4 days of the week. Just constantly look at the open seats for chm2045. I checked 5 minutes ago and there were some seats open, although probably not now.</p>