Calc-Based vs. Algebra-Based Physics @ Tulane?

<p>Hey everyone. I am just looking for some opinions of current students. For the fall I am planning to double up in orgo and physics (my plan is to use next summer to study for the MCAT) Right now I am registered for Honors Calc-Based Physics but I am having second thoughts. I am nervous about the difficulty level/the workload. </p>

<p>Can anyone give me some commentary on any section of intro physics? How difficult is it to pull an A? Which sections have the best overall curves? I am not necessarily looking for the "easiest" physics, but I don't want to burn myself out. If it matters, I've done decently well thus far (17 credits each semester). I got an A- in Calc, Bs in both semesters of Gen Chem (ugh curve) and A's in everything else. Just looking for some insight, thanks.</p>

<p>bump please.</p>

<p>My dd is curious about this as well, hoping someone will comment.</p>

<p>If your objective is med school, GPA has to be a primary consideration. Take the course in which you will most likely receive the best grade.</p>

<p><i> Take the course in which you will most likely receive the best grade.</i></p>

<p>I’m trying to figure this out by making this thread, but thanks.</p>

<p>sigh. I wish more current students lurked this board. ratemyprofessor doesn’t always suffice…</p>

<p>Hey so I’m answering your question kinda late, but if you’re looking to get the better grade, you’re probably better off going with phys 121 and 122 especially if you’re only looking to get into med school and 131 and 132 is not needed for your major. I took calc based and it was impossible, but a lot of that had to do with my professor. While I have heard from others that alg based is generally “easier” it may only be because there are better professors teaching it. So, I guess my recommendation would be to go with alg based (where most students that are fulfilling med school requirements will be) over calc based (which is where most engineering students are, pre-med or not) BUT keep looking into which has a better professor. PM me if you have any more questions that I can try to help you with…</p>