Calc BC vs Welding?

<p>I'm having a schedule conflict regarding my course placement... I'm going for engineering (original, IKR?!)... so I know BC>AB, however, due to the tiny amount of people in BC, it's only available in 7th period.</p>

<p>Welding has also somehow shrunk (despite news that 3x the amount of people joined from previous years), and now takes up 6-7th period.</p>

<p>If you had the choice, which would be better for me careerwise? I already have a certification in welding (stick flat T_T), and I want to get the rest for stick/MIG/TIG...</p>

<p>The other alternative is to selfstudy the BC portion and take the BC exam :&lt;/p>

<p>If you've got all the welding you need, take the AP. It's more necessary for engineering</p>

<p>Self-study BC and take welding.
BC is not too much harder than AB, and welding sounds cool :D</p>