CALC chances

<p>CALS- Biological Engineering, pre-med track</p>

<p>790M/700CR/680W SATs, taking again in Oct
770- Bio, 740-Chinese SAT IIs, taking Physics & Math II in Nov
3.69 UW, 4.95 W, 4.14 Core GPA
6/518 Class Rank
APs 4-Stat, 4-Bio, 5-Calc AB, 5-Physics B, 5-Human Geo
taking Psych, Enviro, Calc BC, Physics C, US Gov and Lit this year
722 Service Hours, ~700 from volunteering at hospital
Mu Alpha Theta(9-12)- 3 Individual/3 Team Trophies in Stat
Science Honor Society(12)
Book Club(12)

<p>Other Schools
Washington U in St Louis
UNC Chapel Hill

<p>Finally should I switch to CAS or stay in CALS? Thanks in advance</p>

<p>700 Hospital Service Hours Dayum! Also apply as a bio major to both.</p>


<p>Oh and I forgot to mention National Merit Semifinalist and possibly finalist. And the title is supposed to be CALS not CALC.</p>