Calc I

<p>My cousin is going to UF, and he is most likely taking Calc I in the Fall</p>

<p>Why is it so hard? How can he get an A? Is it easy to get an A/A-?</p>

<p>Its not that bad, actually. Most people end up getting a bad grade because they dont take the homework seriously. The homework has a lot of problems that show up on exam and it also counts for part of you grade. Basically study hard for each exam and go to tutoring zone if you feel you need it, and you will do fine. Also take advantage of the broward math center, a free tutoring service by UF. You can do all your studying there and if you get stuck at a problem, there is a tutor there to help you out.</p>

<p>Several of my friends have taken Calc 1 with Dr. Edwards, and they all got As.
Other professors, like Dr. J. Smith, seem to give people more trouble.</p>

<p>Theres a slight curve, and a fair amount of extra credit built into the grading scale. you can get C's on the first two tests and still get an A. the final is easy. if you know your pre-calc, this class can be very easy. if you dont, like i didn't, it gets exponentially easier over time but the beginning can be rough.</p>

<p>the only excuses for not getting an A in this class is lack of commitment, or very poor math and critical thinking skills. or a combination of both. the class its self is set up for you to succeed.</p>

<p>calc 1 was super easy, in my opinion. ended up with over 100% in the class with all the extra credit..</p>

<p>you just need to keep up with it, and do the homework.</p>

<p>nena, who was your prof?</p>

<p>I think her name was Williamson.. I can't remember exactly. But my opinion is that the class as a whole was not difficult. I could hardly understand that professor, for the most part I just did the homework and practice exams. That's how I did so well.</p>

<p>Calc I is not terrible, its just a boatload of work. Written HW, Online HW, etc. makes it very easy to just say "screw it, its only 5 points". These points add up and have lowered grades of some of my friends. The exams are difficult-its a weed out college course, but you just have to study in advance, and Tutoring Zone is a life-saver. Make sure you are up on your precalc as well because it will be used early and often. </p>

<p>Work hard and you will get an A as I did. As a poster above me said..the class is set up for success if you put the time in.</p>

<p>Stay on top of the assignments, lectures, and quizzes and you'll be fine. It's not difficult to get an A in calc 1 if you commit to learning the material and doing the work. I took Kozinski, who had a less than stellar reputation at UF because of calc 1, but I found that the course was extremely forgiving and straightforward.</p>