Calc II

<p>So....for the average Cornellian coming in as freshman having taken AP Calc BC...will Calc II be really really hard?</p>

<p>shouldn’t be, i took AB and did it</p>

<p>Calc II here is just a notch or so above Calc BC. You’ll be fine as long as you do the homework thoroughly / stay caught up.</p>

<p>I’m a freshman taking Calc II now (without ever taking Calc I at Cornell). I don’t find it terribly crazy, but there’s just a lot of material and algebraic manipulation I was never exposed to in high school. The annoying thing is that some professors think all students know certain topics that are never even touched in some schools. >_></p>

<p>I am probably going to take a math course my first semester (I’m CAS), but I am not exactly sure on the entire selection. Let’s say I get a 5 on calc bc; what are some good options?</p>