Calculate my chances!

Hello! I am a current senior right now. I am in my last year of high school and I submit my college apps very soon, but I just wanted a perspective on my chances.
I have a 3.8 GPA Unweighted, and I have a 4.78 GPA Weighted, considering I get all As this year.
I took Algebra 2, Biology Honors, Spanish 2 Honors, Computer Science, and English 1 Honors freshman year. I got 3As and 3Bs
I took Trigonometry, AP Chemistry, Spanish 3 Honors, AP European History, and English 2 Honors sophomore year. I got 3As, 1 C, and 1 B.
I took AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP U.S. History, AP Language/Composition, and Marketing junior year. I got all 5 As.
I am taking AP Calc AB, AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, AP Econ/Civics, and AP Literature/Composition my senior year right now. I hope to get all As.
During the summer, I took a business class.
This totals me to 12 APs.

My extracurriculars:
-Fencing for 3+ years, rated. (Hopeful NCAA athletic recruit).
-President, CEO, and Founder of a public speaking club I made
-Director of Marketing for a club I helped found
-Director of Communications for an international club
-Manager of Publicity for another public speaking club
-Member of FBLA, won multiple awards for public speaking.
-Member of CA Scholarship Federation
-Member of Key Club
-Law internship at county court.
-Brand Ambassador for a teen-founded organization designed to help restaurants during COVID.

My Awards:
-Multiple Top 50s/300 at National Competitions (Fencing)
-Top 50/300 at Junior Olympics (Fencing)
-Paris International Cadet World Cup fencer
-FBLA (Top 3 at sectionals, state, national)
-Placed 3rd in Public Speaking FBLA
-AP Scholar with Distinction
-National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist

-1540 SAT/34 ACT
-7 5’S on the AP Tests
-3 4’S on the AP Test
-1 3(not submitting)

Purely based on this info, how do you think colleges would view me as? Would they throw me out? What would you do if you were my college admissions officer?

Be honest. I do not need sugarcoating, I’m waiting for my rejection letters probably anyway. Give your honest opinion. Thanks!


What colleges? A 3.8 would make Harvard or Caltech a big stretch. You’d almost certainly get in to our local Carlow College.

Every other schools fall somewhere along that spectrum.

You forgot to put the colleges you applied for :slight_smile: I’m assuming you’re looking at ivy leagues, right? I can say, it’s impossible to quantify a subjective decision. I’m assuming you put down some affordable target and safety schools. If not, then you’ll need to do that. Worse than getting a rejection is getting a list of acceptances to a bunch of schools you can’t afford, and end-up spending your freshman year at community college. There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing that, but your goal is to get into a university after high school.