Calculating Major GPA??

<p>Calculating your major GPA would seem like a straight forward thing but I'm honestly a little confused...</p>

<p>When calculating your major GPA do you only include the courses designated by your university/college course as required for your major? (ie the courses listed in your course catalog). I took many science courses in undergrad that were not required for my major or were listed as major electives but I had already fulfilled by elective requirements. Considering these courses in my major GPA significantly changes my major GPA (by +/- 0.2 points). Or alternatively, would you just calculate your major GPA from every course that was potentially related to your major (ie all science courses if my major was biochemistry)?</p>

<p>any ideas???</p>

<p>If your school doesn't already calculate it for you, then don't bother. There's a reason "major GPA" is never a required field on graduate school apps.</p>

<p>It's not on the application but the programs do state X GPA in major required, so I'm assuming that someone will calculate it, which is why I ask.</p>

<p>Contact your advisor and ask. Advisors can usually access this information, even if it is not calculated by your university's registrar.</p>