Calculating SJSU CS/SE Eligibility Index

I’m a junior who’s trying to see if I have have any chance at applying for these majors next year (or perhaps seeing how much I need to raise my decent PSAT/SAT score to make the cutoff).

I calculated my CSU GPA (so far) and it’s around 4.15.

Haven’t taken the SAT yet but I’m using my PSAT score to see where I currently stand.

Math: 510
English: 680
Total: 1190

It’s honestly not great, but decent considering I didn’t really study (am definitely planning to study for the actual SAT though).

At the moment, the eligibility index for CS is 4675 and SE is 4450.

Since CS is not in the college of engineering, I believe that the formula is just SAT score + (GPA * 800) as for all of the non-engineering majors. My EI would be 4510.

SE is in the college of engineering so the formula is [(Math Score *3) + English Score]/2 + (GPA * 800). My EI would be 4420.

Assuming the eligibility index stays around the same next year (I heard it fluctuates year to year), it seems like I don’t make the cutoff for either of these majors.

I would just like to check if my math correct. Not in denial or anything, just would like to see if I’m correct in calculating my EI so I accurately know where I stand.

I get an EI for CS of 4510
I get an EI for SE of 4425

You still have 1 semester of grades and the rest of the year to take the SAT and/or ACT to get your scores into a competitive range.

Yes the EI’s fluctuate from year to year and the 2020 admit EI Thresholds will be available later this year to help determine if you will have a solid chance at either major.

Make sure you develop a balanced list of schools and include 2 definite safety schools.

Best of luck.

Thank you!

I will definitely keep an eye out for whenever they release the new EI Thresholds later this year.

I do have a list going and SJSU is my only reach school (for the CS/SE majors specifically). The rest are pretty much safeties.

Thanks for the helpful tips!

SJSU have released the fall 2020 EI, you can check it out here